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Folder Password Lock Pro 10 torrent

Folder Password Lock Pro 10 Trusted uploader

Sometimes additional levels of privacy associated with any data contained in an offline folder may be required. For example, when you share your computer with others. Folder Password Lock Pro is a great way to improve the security of your data, while maintaining a fastaccess using passwords. The interface is very easy to use, and your data can remain hidden from these shining eyes.

Functions and functions of password lock Pro Folder

In addition to providing basic password protection, there are other functions that should be mentioned in its functionality.For example, it's easier to work with folders located on external hard disks. The password can be used for all locations, and there is a convenient add-on that allows you to track actions in a specific folder. You will see the data being changed or deleted usingautomatic warnings. Download megabytes only to ensure that the operating system usually had no memory problems. Installation lasts a couple of minutes, and once it ends, Folder Password Lock Pro can be activated immediately.

Folder Password Lock Pro 10


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