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WWE 2K15 torrent

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WWE 2K15 finally arrived in October last year after the computer was from the console. PC version of the game to download all the contents of the package, making it an excellent value. But the port's appeal was damaged due to delays between the editions?


WWE fans may already know the story behind this game. Fortunately, 2K Sports is now on board, franchises will be upgraded long-awaited. Full novoAnimacija, voice and characters are in good standing on this list of models forZeudenberritzeko.

Unfortunately this is not to take what WWE fans are. On the other hand, Visual Concepts 2K Sport bought (title developed in the NBA) to lift the bow and leave the game, but basic mistakes. The result is a game that looks great until you've been playing. Now, do not take it the wrong way WWE 2K15 plays again, and WWE 2K14, the problem is expected to be more fans.

That said, the new installment of the game adds some changeNew in the direction in which to take the ahaletorkizunean specification. This action mechanism (Usually only seen at the start of the fight), mini-game in rock-scissors style to take part. Followed by the smooth interaction with the right wood faster than your opponent to find a sweet place, creating a good tension. If it seems a good audience, but it generates so much commute in the fluid caught in the victory will be lost asToy're a.

It's a normal business. The same zambutzagreba error meter is at stake, but the mechanics of the patient's fans know and like the franchise. This usually works well against opponents who are building momentum and controlling match rates.

Next heel

However, do not take long to start gledaProblemite. Because no matter where you move Super Star cries, and more than one opponent in the fight to end the competition is often wrong.Sometimes this is just a discomfort, but if you come to a pin, not a competitor's game is deduced to be lost in annoyance.

What's missing in this issue on my real 2K14, or with early release WWE 2K15 kexakkontsola.

Degeneration X collapsed, and the price and CM Punks: A-29, the 30 year Wrestlemaina 2K14 Wrestlemania player to provide a way for the succession of two-story success stories. This works fine for you to be a fan of Pertsonaia everywhereOf them, but not the iconic character in the game last year, giving the individual a weaker experience. Luckily, If you play alone, round the WWEs NXT career development league mode that takes you nizRedovite a bit about that.

BesteEredu not present WWE 2K 15 is a creative story. I rarely have this patient, lost (in fashion society, at least, while his hands) while looking at other people's creations.

My last problem was that WWE 2K15 was significantly denboranondorenMoving offerings for console stories. Thus, the emergence of characters in the game of chudnoNeopravand compared to the current position. Taking Cesar, 93 ratings (amongst the highest in the game) have received, but now, with Kidd dagoTyson full-time team. One plus side of this is that it is still a true CM Punk fan with the notion of fans, but this is probably their last time appearing in the WWE list.

B Players +

WWE 2K15s big sin delaerdia the first wrong step.BiBile fans to watch the past few years, and that more efforts are put into animations and ways, I suspect. It's the same game as last year- just looking for the better. That said, maybe next year they start following the promising path of dugu2K Games. The performance of new works by some impressive visuals to breathe new into the character model already seen already in this year's game can go a long way.

DanMaybe next year, at the same time, you can see the PC version will be published povremenostModa. Please?

WWE 2K15


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